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RECALL DATE: OCTOBER 2, 2017 Performance Tire LLC, dba Wheel Replicas has decided to voluntarily recall Series 0080 “Downforce DF5” model wheels. 


CHRONOLOGY:  In the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2017 Claims were received involving the DF5 wheels.  These claims appeared to be associated directly with a casting date batch of 11/2014.    The wheel design was originally tested per VIA standards at the factory to assure saftey on initial design and casting, all with passing results.  In the end of the 2nd quarter of 2017 testing was again conducted at the factory with passing standards.   Currently Performance Tire LLC is conducting testing of multiple batches with Standard Testing Laboratory (STL) in the USA to further investigate any potential saftey issues.     To date, there have been no reports of accidents, injuries, or fatalities related to this condition in connection to this issue. 


DEFECT: The cast alloy wheels manufactured may have a potential defect which relates to possible motor vehicle safety. The alloy wheels may have a casting defect that could be susceptible to cracking in the spoke area or weaken the wheel structurally upon impact. 


HAZARD: This could possibly cause separation of the wheel from the vehicle causing increase likelihood of loss of vehicular control. 


HOW TO IDENTIFY IF YOUR WHEEL IS COVERED BY THIS RECALL: Wheels with a casting date of 11/2014 on the back side of the spoke (Figure A) are the only wheels on the intial recalled.  

Wheel part numbers include: 

00809657 (20x8.5 Size) 

00801657 (20x10 Size) 

00809652 (20x8.5 Size) 

00801652 (20x10 Size) 

00809653 (20x8.5 Size) 

00801653 (20x10 Size) 

00809658 (20x8.5 Size) 

00801658 (20x10 Size) 


 TIMING: To ensure efficient handling and attention, customers should respond as soon as possible via email, phone or in writing. 


RECALL REMEDY PROGRAM: Performance Tire LLC will work with Vendors to identify and notify consumers of this recall. Affected consumers will be offered replacement wheel(s) of equivalent value. Performance Tire LLC will also offer up to $150 in reimbursement for the dismounting, remounting and balancing of your tires upon reciept of such mounting and balancing. 



 STEP 1:  To Start Your Recall/Remedy Email: recalldf5@wheelreplicas.com Phone: (281) 391-3057 

STEP 2:  Fill out all information clearly on the recall return sheet which will be emailed to you.   This sheet verifies and guarantees that the DF5 Wheels will be returned, if not full retail costs for replacement wheels will be incurred. 


In our 20 years of distributing and selling wheels we have never had the above issue, thus we are being proactive in response to possible issues.   Unexpected issues can occur with any distributor, and we have taken steps to remedy this situation.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you the customer.

Call us: 888-449-4335

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