Wheel Replicas Saleen Replica Wheels and Tires

18 Inch Saleen Replica Combos


  • Wheel Replicas 18 inch Saleen Replica Wheels for the Ford Mustang. 
  • Originators of the Saleen Replica Style Wheel.
  • FREE Mounting and Balancing, FREE Shipping within the contiguous USA
  • Original spoke angles and Cap Sizes.
  • OE, Low Pressure Casting process made at an OEM plant.
  • We carry tires from almost every manufacturer.  If it is not listed CALL US at 888-449-4335


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Wheel Replicas 18 inch Saleen Replicas Wheel and Tire Combos for the Mustang. 

Nitto Tires, Toyo Tires, Falken Tires, Nankan Tires, Sumitommo Tires 

Black, Chrome, Black Chrome, White, Silver and HyperBlack Finishes